What is a BFYC?

Your Baby's first year of life is full of many changes. Not only for baby, but for parents and siblings as well. These changes happen quickly and documenting it through the art of photography is a great way to preserve those precious memories and milestones! I have create a Baby's First Year Collection to meet the needs of parents wanting to hold on to all of those big moments in their little one's life.

This collection covers 4 separate sessions booked throughout the year - Newborn, 4 months, 8 months, and One Year. All of these sessions are full sessions that include family portraits. There is also an option to customize your Collection by adding on a Petite Maternity Session and/or Petite 6 month Session. 

Choosing the BFYC gives you a big discount on these sessions compared to the price if they are booked separately. 


  • 4 One Hour Session - (Newborn, 4 month, 8 month, and 1 year sessions)
  • All sessions include all family members.
  • Pre-Session Consultation with each session to plan the location, styling, etc. 
  • All images (50 minimum) from each sessions available on a private online gallery and on USB. Digital file download with printing rights.
  • $100.00 Print Credit.
  • 8x8 Photo Book with all your favorite images from all 4 sessions.

Total Cost:

$850 + Sales Tax

(Payment plans available)


newborn session

To begin your baby's first year collection, we will schedule their Newborn Session. It is best to do this at least 6 weeks before your due date.

You will have a choice between an in-home lifestyle session or a studio session.

Lifestyle Newborn Session:

  • Session takes place in your home
  • Individual images of baby in crib and on a bed with limited posing
  • Natural poses for baby and family
  • Family portraits cuddling with baby around the home

Studio Newborn Session:

  • Session takes place in my in-home studio
  • Individual images of baby with a variety of poses.
  • Black and white backgrounds are used.
  • No family members included.

There is also an option to combine both sessions for an additional $100.

4 month session

The goal of this session is to capture at least one new milestone for baby. Again, all sessions are full session so that all family can be included in all stages of baby's growth.

4 months is a great age to capture babies holding up their heads during tummy time, on their backs and playing with their toes, and also nibbling on hands as well as eye contact with loved ones. This is the time to capture all their reactions including laughs!

This session is a fun session to capture in the home but can also be coordinated for an outdoor shoot. Again, all family is included in this session as there is so much interaction to capture with baby!

This session can be flexible depending on your baby's unique development. We will schedule a "projected" date for the session and if you'd like to move the session closer to 3 or 5 months  because of milestones or holidays, that can be arranged.



8 month Session

This session is so much fun because baby is so much more mobile. Usually there are several milestones to capture. 

At this age, most babies can sit on their own. Other babies may be able to "rock" on all fours, while others have begun to crawl. This is a great time to capture mom and dad holding baby to stand.

If baby has a toy they love or a teether they use, those can be incorporated into the session as a prop. 

Again this session can be flexible depending on your baby's unique development. We will schedule a "projected" date for the session and if you'd like to move the session closer to 7 or 9 months that is an easy accomodation.

ONE Year Session


When you collection is complete, I will design a custom Photo Book with your favorite images from each session. You will also receive all images on a USB flash drive and a $100 print credit for ordering photos and products from your gallery of images.


The first year of your baby's life is a magical time that you will look back on and treasure always. As a parent of two, trust me when I say it goes by faster than you realize. Photographing this time of excitement and growth is so precious!


Thank you for letting me be a part of your family's most precious moments!

The last session of the collection is your baby's one year session. To help celebrate their 1st birthday, you have the option of having a cake smash at the end of the session.

A buttercream smash cake is covered in your collection and you are able to select the flavor of cake and frosting as well as the color of frosting. 

We will capture baby with the family first as well as some individual portraits. Then, baby will change into a diaper or cake smash outfit and the smashing will begin. This part of the shoot can have some stylized props incorporated. 

Most milestones at this age include pulling up to stand, standing and/or walking and we will capture all of it in this magical session!