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When I set up my former blog last year, my first post was a little introduction of myself and about our move to Corpus Christi, TX from New Mexico. Well, being that this blog is now a fresh start for me and it’s the start of a new year as well I decided it was time for a new introduction!

I’m Mikayla. I’m married to an amazing man of God, Albert. I’m hoping in the future to share a bit of our love story on here as well. We have two amazing kids, Roman (4) and Mila (about to be 2). And I want more kids. A lot more. We moved from NM exactly one year ago to Corpus Christi, a city we had never been before. 9 hours away from all of our family. It was tough and as much as I have loved this city, I still miss home.

 One year ago, when we first made our move to Corpus Christi, TX

 One year ago, when we first made our move to Corpus Christi, TX

New Mexico is my home and has my heart. Albert and I were both born and raised there. I have lived in multiple areas of the state and honestly have never been to an area we didn’t love! NM is simplistic much like ourselves. We consider ourselves homebodies. We would rather have a night in with our family, talking, laughing, enjoying one another than anything else! But enough about me! Let’s talk about the blog!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for awhile now. The idea came to me about 3 or 4 years ago after having my son and just feeling like I was diving into a new world and learning so much. I LOVE to learn new things. But, not only am I a student at heart, but I love to SHARE what I’ve learned with others! One important belief that I carry with me in my photography path is that life is all about relationship. In everything I believe, I believe that knowing this and valuing it is the most important thing. Even if you believe that love is the most important thing in life - you can’t have love if you don’t have RELATIONSHIP. I love to learn and I love to share and that is my heart for blogging. To connect with others in a way that I can inspire them. I don’t want attention and I don’t really need a journal or anything like that to share with the world. But when I find something that has value or touches my life in a deep way, I want to share it with others. 

When I decide to learn and pursue photography I found that many photographers have blogs as a way to connect with their clients and even have a way to share more of their work. This was so exciting to me! I will be doing the same. One side of my blog will feature sessions and the work I love to do. But, as a way to connect with everyone out there interested in my work I will also have posts about some of my other passions. This part of the blog might feature personal posts about my life and family. My passion in photography is family portraiture, babies, and young children. This is my current stage of life and it’s a subject that I love. I offer a Babies First Year Collection that has been popular and the reason I do it is because I know how fast that year can fly and I want to connect with families who are experiencing all the wildness from that stage of life! So, this other side of my blog will be personal but also have content that I hope my followers?, fans?, clients?, whoever may be out there who is especially a parent of young ones can find helpful, hopeful, and inspirational.

Here are a few things you can expect from this side of the blog this year:

  • Parenting Topics (parenting is my passion)
  • Baby topics (breastfeeding, homemade baby food, cloth diapers (yes I’m a CD mom!), weaning, potty training, and more!)
  • Recipes (I love to cook!)
  • Marriage (loving your spouse comes first!)
  • Faith (Jesus is my #1)
  • Healthy living (and eating)

And now I’ll share why these topics are personally important to me to share with others. Like I mentioned parenting is my passion and Jesus is my number one and one thing I have found is that though I am following a career path in photography, God has been calling me to a ministry in Families and Parenting. It’s taken me years to really be still and just know where He was leading me but I have found it. In college, before kids, I got a minor in Counseling and Educational Psychology. One of my favorite classes was my course on Child Development. I learned so much about children and how they grow and learn and connect to others and I knew it was going to help me when it came time for me to be a parent. But what also stuck with me was the question: Why doesn’t every parent take this course?! With all that we go through in navigating this world of raising human beings, totally dependent on us, doesn't a little bit of knowledge and support go a long way? And sometimes the problem can be too much help. I know there is a book out there for every parenting topic/trend that you can think of! But I know we can feel lost sometimes or even doubt ourselves in this journey and a little insight and encouragement can go a long way! Yes, I use cloth diapers and I breastfed my children, but don’t worry you won’t see me preaching the trendy parenting style here. With so many parenting cliques I just prefer to be me. I’ve looked at and consider almost every angle on multiple parenting topics and I am promising you here this will NOT be a blog about why you should parent like me! But when I find inspiration in my parenting journey and times to celebrate, I want us to celebrate together and encourage one another! I will always encourage a relationship between you and your child and all the things that will help strengthen it like a loving marriage, strong faith, healthy living, and little things that have helped me along the way.

In photographing families I love to see them have those loving moments with their little ones and mom and dad get to focus on each other as well in front of the camera. I want to capture your love for one another on your best day! But there are moments that don't always feel or look this way and I want to love on every family and parent I come across and encourage them on their journey!

I’m still learning to be a parent. We all are. It’s a journey that never really over. As our children grow, our role as mother or father changes. But that change can be good and it can mean a deeper relationship of love and connection.

So, get ready for a brand new blog with lots of sharing. This is my life: it’s not perfect and I wouldn’t want it to be. I'm learning to love through the chaotic and confusion. Without support and God's grace it wouldn't be possible. This is me. Here is my family. Loving each other, raw and imperfect!


If your a parent seeking love and support, join me on the blog! Be blessed!

Mikayla D