Liam-Jakoby - 2 years | Corpus Christi Photographer

My nephew Liam-Jakoby is two years old today! I was able to photograph him for his 2 year portraits and we had the funniest nephew is truly one of a kind! His personality is unlike any other I have come across! He has lots of animation but is cautious when sharing it! When it comes to a camera following him around, I mostly got him running from me. But that's ok! When photographing your children it's important not to force a smile and instead just interact with them to capture their true personality!

I hope Mr. Liam is feeling better today! I know he has been sick the past week and I just hope he is able to have a great day and enjoy his party this weekend! And I know his Momma must be tired too! Wishing you some rest today too Elisha!

Liam is two years old today

Liam is two years old today

Photographing Liam is especially fun for me because he was only born three days before my daughter Mila! We call them "the twins". We did their photo session together as we did last year for their 1st birthday Cake Smash and 1 year portraits. I wanted to share some of my favorites and reflect on their photos from last year! Let's start with those:

As you can see he was not having it! He only wanted to be held by Grandma or Mommy! But I'm sorry, he still make an adorable crying baby! :) And below you will see the cake smash was not too much of a hit either!

When Mom showed up he got closer to being HALFWAY amused! 

Fast forward to today and no more tears...and even a FEW smiles!

My favorite!

My favorite!

All I know is that when that boy smiles, you've got to smile with him! He's such a fun loving boy and I wish I be there for his birthday! I hope even with the distance between us, Liam and Mila can continue to be close! It's so sweet watching both of them grow together. 

Above: One year ago - Mila and Liam's One year cake smash  Below: Today - Liam and Mila 

Above: One year ago - Mila and Liam's One year cake smash

Below: Today - Liam and Mila 

Auntie loves you, Liam! xoxo