Mila Turns 2 | Corpus Christi, Texas Photographer

My youngest is now a two year old. After she turned one we made a big move to Corpus Christi and I must say she has flourished here. She never meets anyone she doesn't like. The joy she has reminds me of what to chase after in life.

Her birthday is even more special as she shares it with my little sister! Happy Birthday, Jordan!

I pray over her every day to know who God has created her to be and that she never allow anything to turn out the fire He has placed in her spirit. She is a strong girl and I know God has a purpose for that part of her.

One year ago I took her one year portraits with my first nifty fifty lens. She loved the experience. She enjoys any opportunity to entertain and ham it up! How much she has grown in ONE YEAR!

There won't be much writing in this blog post. This is just a reflection of my favorite images of this little girl over the past year. I love looking at these images and seeing all the changes she's gone through and how other parts of her have remained constant. 

Beautiful Girl, I enjoy chasing you around with my camera. I am fascinated by those springing curls. That smile is electric and that pout is oh, too much to handle!

Happy Birthday Miss Mila. I have so enjoyed being your momma and look forward to many years more with you! You are a blessing to all of us. I pray to the Lord to help me to always teach you His goodness and love. The years will pass quickly, all we have are the moments of each day. I am thankful to spend them as your momma!