Carlo Family | Artesia, New Mexico Photographer | Corpus Christi, Texas Photographer

Photographing families is my passion! Family connection and love is what has drawn me to photography. When I first started looking into photography as a creative hobby as well as a profession, I had no idea how beautiful of an art it can really be, especially with families as the focus.

I was so honored when Devon contacted me about taking her family portraits. She is a photographer in Artesia, New Mexico. She's the owner of Devon Rae Photography and was one of the photographers that I would admire work from as I was learning about taking this path. I knew Devon from high school and seeing her successful business was a real inspiration to me! If you'd like to check out her work you can find her business page on Facebook here.

This was my first time photographing another photographer so my nerves were very high! But it was such a fun time. Her beautiful girls are 2 years and 3 months which are some of my favorites ages to photograph littles! They were so sweet!

Enjoy some of my favorites from this family session!

I get so much joy looking over these photos! I hope you do too. 

The only magic we can create is in the moments we share with those we love. And that's what i love to capture in my photography. Your family's magical moments!