Corse Family | New Mexico Photographer | Corpus Christi, Texas Photographer

Photographing Valerie and her kids at the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico was an amazing experience! I hope to do more sessions here in the future with families in New Mexico. This session actually had a lot of meaning to Valerie because White Sands is where her family would often come to celebrate Easter when she lived in Las Cruces. One thing is for sure and I hope you can see from these images, this is a fun place for kids!

Valerie is my husband's cousin and though none of us live in Las Cruces anymore, we did live there when Albert and I were attending college at NMSU. We would often hang out with Valerie and her kids and it just blows my mind how much they have grown! And yet, as many years have passed, these kids are still the same sweet loving kids that I know!

I know the path of single parenthood isn't easy and I admire Val so much for the amazing kids she's raising. She is a strong woman and she keeps her family first and that is what I call blessed! I have always been able to see her love for her children and in turn their love for her and I wanted to truly capture that!

Enjoy these images from our fun time together!


Val, I hope to see you and the kids soon on my next trip to New Mexico! God Bless!