Trujillo Family | Albuquerque Photographer | New Mexico Photographer

This family session was very special to me because it's my family! Jocee is my husband's cousin. We saw a lot of Jocee when we were in college, as she and her mom and sister lived in the same town. We would always visit Albert's grandparents and aunts and it was always so nice to have family while attending college away from home! Jocee, since she was young teen when I met her, has never ceased to have a smile on her face! And then when she was in high school, Ian entered the picture and well, he also is always smiling! I love being around them both, they have the sweetest personalities and make everyone feel like family. When their little boy Joel entered the picture, they took on parenthood with a lot of passion! They are such a beautiful family and I just wish they didn't live so far away and we could see them more!

I was so excited to photograph them in Albuquerque, and had heard about the Alameda Open Space and it didn't disappoint! I was so glad they were up for a sunset session because we got a beautiful sky and view of the Sandia Mountains at the end!