Mattie - 2018 NM Senior Rep | Corpus Christi Photographer | New Mexico Photographer

Mattie is a remarkable young lady and I was thrilled to work with her this past year. She has been a great Representative for Mikayla D Photography. 

I like to take a Senior Rep in both Artesia, New Mexico and Corpus Christi, Texas as most of my work is done in these two places. If a Senior is willing to book their portrait session during the summer before their Senior year, they can become a Senior Rep. They receive a lot of benefits including 50% off their portrait collection! 

If you would like to become a 2019 Senior Rep, you can find more info here:

Mattie is my Senior Rep in Artesia, New Mexico. We actually were able to shoot her senior portraits in Corpus Christi because she and her family were vacationing here back in June! The timing worked perfect. We had a lot of fun creating these images and I hope to have another senior to work with on the Bay like with Mattie. We started the Session at Heritage Park and moved on to the Bay area to get some shots by the water.

Corpus Christi, Texas

Mattie did such a great job as Senior Rep that I was able to travel to Artesia in the fall and do a mini session with her to include some volleyball portraits. I love incorporating some type of school activity or hobby for senior portraits because it's about capturing what you love at that time in your life! And let me tell you, this girl is an amazing volleyball player! I was honored to be able to watch her and the Lady Bulldogs compete on the court during my visit back in October!

Artesia, New Mexico

Thank you, Mattie for being an awesome Senior Rep! Enjoy the rest of your senior year and congrats to the Class of 2018!