Session Styling

I encourage all my clients to stay true to their own unique style when choosing what to wear at their session. However, many mamas have experienced changes in their body that can leave them feeling unsure about what will look best for their session. I believe all women can feel confident at their maternity session with the right wardrobe. Here are some tips:

TIP #1

Wear a long dress. Maxi dresses can help to hide any changes in your body that you may not want to be a focus in your photos. Also, the movement from a long dress can create such a dreamy feel in an image, especially great for maternity portraits. I now offer a client wardrobe of maternity dresses. Ask to look through my collection!

Of course, if you love to rock a mini dress or any other outfit, bring it along!

TIP #2

Choose tight fitting clothing. Some mamas can feel less confident due to their weight gain during pregnancy. Tight fitting clothing may not seem like the solution but it actually helps to bring focus on the belly instead of the rest of your body. No matter what changes your body is going through, as long as that beautiful belly is the focus, your images will be nothing but stunning!

TIP #3

Accessorize! To help keep focus on your baby bump, accessories like sunglasses, scarves, wraps, hats, or even layered clothing can all help give a creative element to your wardrobe!

The most important thing with picking out an outfit for your portraits is that you feel beautiful!

For more inspiration on picking out an outfit for your session you can visit my Pinterest board here.

Book your Session

To book your session, you will need to first make a non-refundable deposit to secure your chosen date. This will ensure availability for your session. 

You can view the different collections I offer here.

When you decided which one fits your needs, you can fill out the questionnaire below so we can start putting together all the details of your session to create a unique and custom photography experience for you and your family!

Your MAternity Session

I am so excited that you have booked a Maternity Portrait Session! Growing your family is such an exciting time in your life and deserves to be documented!

Maternity Sessions are so much fun. I love to focus on the anticipation and excitement your family has for the new baby. I love to capture intimate and fun photos of mom and dad together. If there are any older siblings with will have them interacting with mom and baby bump. And in every maternity session I love to focus on mom and bump as the star focus of the session.

As with any family session, my goals is to capture images that reflect your unique relationship with your loved ones. I love to provide my clients with images that are full of heart and that capture your family as art, to be displayed in your home, whether in an album or on the walls.


Once you have completed your questionnaire, I will schedule a phone call with you to go over your session and any questions you have.

We will talk about session location and wardrobe as well as my style of photography and how your session will flow!

I look forward to working with you! - Mikayla D.

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