Congrats on booking your Newborn Portrait Session!

Newborn photography is such a passion of mine! I believe all families should receive quality art of their baby's first days of life, mostly, because babies all change so quickly in those first few days. Being able to capture them in their new, fresh skin is a blessing!

Below are a few tips on preparing for your newborn's portraits session and a few things to expect!

I also have a questionnaire for you to complete to let me know more about your family and you specific needs for this session!

What to Expect

When to schedule your session

  • I photograph newborns between 6 and 14 days old, when they are still in the sleepy stage! Life can get hectic when you bring baby home so it is best to sechedule in advance.

Where the session will take place

  • If you have scheduled a Lifestyle Session it will take place in your home. For in-home sessions I like to consult in your home to find what spots will work best for your session. If you have scheduled a studio portrait session, you and baby will travel to my in-home studio.

How long the session will last

  • Newborn sessions usually last at least 2 hours and I reserve at least 4 hours for your session in case baby needs more breaks or longer time for feeding, etc.

How the session will flow

  • In your home we will start with some family shots. Then mom and dad will get individual shots with baby as well as some sibling shots. There is lots of cuddling! Then, we move on to some simple individual portraits of baby on a bed or in a crib. Baby can have multiple outfit changes as well as some in diaper only, or no diaper.
  • In studio, baby can have diaper covers, but most of the poses require no diaper. I get a variety of poses with baby with different backdrops, mostly white and black. I keep newborn portraits very simple and classic to keep the focus on baby.
  • For both sessions I take my time to get those dreaming baby shots that parents love!

Preparing for your session

To prepare for baby's session there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Newborn portraits take time! The best newborn sessions I have are when parents are comfortable with the time it takes to get baby happy and/or asleep. Many times it takes at least an hour before baby is cooperative. This is perfectly fine! Don't be impatient and be open to my suggestions for helping soothe baby such as diaper changes and feeding.
  2. To go along with the previous point, be prepared to feed your baby. If they take a bottle have it prepared and possibly extra!
  3. Have a pacifier ready, even if you baby doesn't take one. Many times it will calm them just long enough to get them in a pose.
  4. Have diapers and burp cloths ready! Many times baby will spit up once or more during a session!
  5. Have any props such as diaper covers or headbands ready!


Now that you all the details, please fill out this questionnaire!

I will call you once I receive it so we can go over any questions you have!

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