Osborn Wedding | Corpus Christi Photographer

Stephanie contacted me back in October about photographing her wedding which would take place on April 1st. She messaged me, "I realize that's April Fools Day, but I promise this isn't a joke". 

Stephanie and Zach live in New Mexico, and I know Stephanie from the church we attended together. They decided they wanted to take a vacation up to Padre Island and have a private ceremony on the beach. They even kept it a secret from friends and family. It was so hard for me not to tell anyone because I was thrilled for them! They wanted to make it a surprise for everyone and to be able to focus on each other and this exciting commitment!

It was such an honor to be able to witness this marriage. This was my first elopement to photograph and it was a wonderful experience. Photographing a big wedding scares me a little but there is something about a small intimate ceremony or an elopement that is so beautiful - a commitment of love between two people that is simple and pure.

Though it was just a private elopement, I am so glad Stephanie and Zach decided to have their day photographed. They are such an awesome couple. I could just feel the love they have for one another. Getting married for them was all about being together and committing to one another. They were so giddy and enjoying every moment together. 

I wish Mr. and Mrs. Osborn some amazing years of marriage ahead! May they be blessed in love, always! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day!